Austin Street Brewery Expansion

Hi Everyone!

First things first; thank you for your support over the last 4+ years! We are here for you and because of you. As some of you may have heard, we are expanding and in the process of opening a second Austin Street Brewery location at 115 Fox Street in Portland’s East Bayside neighborhood!

Austin Street Bayside will feature a 2,000 square foot tasting room, a 2,000+ square foot patio and a state-of-the-art production facility. The new tasting room will offer our beer (classics and new additions), as well as other adult beverages (yes, GF) and non-alcoholic options too.

We know what you’re thinking, but have no fear! Austin Street Industrial Way will continue to operate with regular hours. Most of our production will occur at Bayside, however we will be barrel-aging, blending, and bottling beer at Industrial Way, in addition to piloting new ideas. You’ll be able to enjoy great draft options at both spots and benefit from mutual bottle and can releases.

We look forward to seeing both familiar and new faces at Bayside! Please keep an eye on social media for construction updates and an opening date!


Jake, Will & The Austin Street Team

Weekend Update: 6/22/17

The return of Catherine highlights the draft list this weekend.  This is our ode to American hops and features Simcoe and Citra for notes of grapefruit, citrus and pine.  Samples and growlers only this time around but maybe in cans at some point.  We've also got Patina Pale, Rally and Succinct on draft as well.  Lawn Mower and Grist Mill bottles for splitting here, or taking home.  

Patina Pale cans will be on sale Friday at Noon.  We'll have the same setup as last week with all can sales going on in Unit 10(right next to our main entrance at Unit 8).  Cash or credit.  Last weeks cans lasted until 6pm but we've got a little less this week.  

Finally, Allagash Street Fair is going on all day over at Allagash but we will be open for normal business.  The only change will be an earlier closing time at 6pm.  Also, we'll be at the Great Falls Brewfest on Saturday as well so come say hi and grab a beer!  

Weekend Update 5/26/17

Hi all, a lot to talk about so let's get to it.  First, we are OPEN on Monday May 28th(Memorial Day).  We'll have Patina Pale, Rally, and our new schwarzbier Succinct on tap for growlers and samples.  Regulars may have already noticed but we are also opening bottles for on-site consumption, you'll just need to bring a friend or two to share with.  This is our way of giving you the chance to drink some of our brett beers which we are very proud of, but understand that you may be hesitant to buy a 750ml bottle without trying it first.  We currently have Grist Mill and Lawn Mower for those selections.  Saison Hoppu coming soon.  Back to the subject of samples and growler fills.  We just installed a bigger keg cooler with faster pouring faucets.  This should speed things up a lot on our end and make for a better experience all around.  We will still need to limit growler fills to 2 per beer, per person.  And now to address the elephant in the room: CANS.  We're happy to say that our new canning line is currently en-route from the manufacturer and should be in the house very soon.  We are shooting to have cans of Patina Pale by late June, but stay tuned for updates as we get closer.  Thanks, and enjoy the weekend!

Portland Beer Week

We're very excited here at the brewery for the upcoming Portland Beer Week.  We've got a few fun events we'd like to tell you about and hope to see everyone out and about for the entire week.  

Saturday November 1st-  We'll be releasing bottles of "Grist Mill".  This is our interpretation of a classic saison style beer.  Brewed with a blend of grains and lightly hopped with Sterling.  Fermented with a blend of saison yeast and brettanomyces, this beer features a rustic malt base complimented by a spicy hop character and earthy brett funk.  We'll be open 1-6 and bottles are $12 750ml, limit 2 per person.  

Sunday November 2nd- The Maine Brewers’ Guild Presents: Freshmen Orientation – Class of 2014 We'll be joining up with 11 other Maine breweries that all opened up in the past year.  This is a great chance to check out beer from all the newest breweries all in one spot.  

Tuesday November 4th-  Join us at Salvage BBQ for a pro-am event featuring beers local home brewers made with Maine breweries.  Beers will be poured from Rising Tide, Baxter Brewing, Bissell Brothers, Foundation, and In'finiti.  Our entry is an amber brett saison hopped with Crystal, Mosaic, and Nelson Sauvin.  


Wednesday November 5th- #billmurraybeerweekME  Maine breweries have brewed a bunch of awesome beers in hopes to convince Bill Murray to come and drink with us.  We brewed an 11% imperial stout then added vanilla beans, cacao nibs, coffee, and sea salt.  The result is a massive beer loaded with flavor and perfect for dessert.  We call it "Let me Tell You About My Stout" named after The Life Aquatic.  

Brett Camp

As a celebration of all things brettanomyces we will be holding our first event at the brewery on August 2.  We'll have 3 very different styles of beer that have all been fermented with brettanomyces as the only yeast strain.  Starting with the newest and working backwards we will be featuring the brett version of our "Crushable IPA".  Brettanomyces Claussenii gives this 3.8% beer an extra layer of flavor and complexity not typically found in such a low ABV% style.  Next up is a simple blond fermented with a strain of brett we purchased from East Coast Yeast.  We brewed this tiny test batch as soon we opened the brewery a few months ago and it's already developed a very nice funk.  The flavor profile is surprisingly complex for being such a simple beer, making it a great way to show the power of brett fermentation.  Lastly we will feature a beer that we actually brewed a year ago.  What started as a session strength black ipa has turned into a very nice crushable dark ale.  The hops have faded but in their place is a very prominent yet palatable brett funk.  Along with a very pleasant fruity funk, the underlying smooth roastiness still lingers enough to give the beer a very complex flavor profile.  

The word complexity keeps coming up in the descriptions of these beers and that's not by accident.  We love brettanomyces here at Austin Street and it's that complexity of flavor that keeps us exploring the true potential of this so called wild yeast.  Everybody knows about the classic barnyard and horse blanket flavors and aromas that come from extended aging of brett beers and we like those too, but choose to spend our time exploring the other capabilities of brett.  We hope that the beers we have for Brett Camp show the true depth of flavor that can be achieved with brettanomyces fermentation.  

In addition to the 3 beers on tap we will also be releasing a limited number of bottles of our beer called "Bier 2 Cellar".  We brewed this beer in collaboration with Greg at the Bier Cellar here in Portland, Maine for their 2nd anniversary.  The name has 2 meanings, one in honor of 2 years as the best bottle shop in Maine, but also a hint to the fact that this beer is a good candidate for aging.  We started with an American IPA loaded with Azacca hops, fermented it with our house ale yeast.  After fermentation was complete we bottled the beer with brettanmyces claussenii.  The result is a very fruit forward, light bodied IPA, this will develop a nice complementary fruity brett funk as time goes by.  We are releasing this beer in a fresh state(1 month in bottle), giving you, the drinker the power to choose when to open your bottle(s).  Drink now and enjoy a fresh, hop forward IPA, or pop it in your cellar and enjoy at a later date.  The oxygen scavenging capabilities of brett mean that hop flavor and aroma will last for a surprisingly long time.  In other test batches of beers like this one we have noticed plenty of hop presence 3 months later as the brett really starts to take hold making for a very enjoyable and you guessed it, complex beer.  

We'll be opening at noon with 48 bottles of Bier 2 Cellar, and are setting a limit at 2 per person.  750ml, $15  We'll have the 3 brett beers on tap for 4oz samples as well as Patina Pale for those people looking for a more traditional beer.  Hella Good Tacos will be joining as well for your food needs.  Hope to see you all there.  


Dream Team

As an avid reader of Chaddah's beer blog "If My Coaster Could Talk", I was intrigued about his idea for Maine brewery dream team collaborations. The 2 week series of guest posts brought in other beer bloggers, and people in the industry.  The ideas people came up with were great and inspired me to start thinking about my own dream collabs.

Question 1: What is your all Maine brewery dream team-up? And why?

First, let's get the self serving, shameless plug out of the way. My all Maine dream collaboration would take place right at Industrial way in Portland. 3 new upstart brewers teamed up with one of Maine's oldest and most respected breweries.  Despite involving 4 breweries this collab would actually be fairly simple. Bissell Brothers have quickly risen to IPA fame here in Maine so we would start as IPA being the base beer. Foundation would then contribute their saison yeast for an added layer of flavor and the bone dry finish that an IPA needs. Austin Street would then add in whatever brettanomyces strain we have around at the time for bottle conditioning.  This beer would be brewed and bottled at Allagash with their expert supervision and large scale brewing system. Hey, we're supposed to be dreaming here, right? 

Question 2: What would your Maine + U.S Brewery Team-up look like?

This one is easy.  Oxbow has quickly proven themselves in the area of barrel aging. With beers like 3 Barrels Deep and Synthesis, it's quite clear the boys in Newcastle know what they're doing when it comes to barrel aged funky and sour beers. Jolly Pumpkin is a brewery in Dexter Michigan that decided when they opened that every beer they produce would spend at least a little time in a barrel. Their beers vary in funk and sour levels but are all outstanding.  I wouldn't even try to come up with a specific beer because I know the guys from both breweries would dream up something amazing. Safe to say it would have tons of brett funk, a solid sourness, and an underlying oak character to bring it all together. 

Question 3: What would your Maine + International Brewery team up look like?

For this one I can't help but go all level 10 beer geek.  I'd love see a coolship super blend involving Allagash, Cantillon, Drie Fonteinen, and Tilquin. The finished beer would be the most complex, flavorful gueuze ever produced.  Beer from each of the three breweries involved would be expertly blended by Pierre at Tilquin.   

Question 4: Free for all! Anything goes here as long as there is 1 Maine brewery involved.

This one was harder than I thought it would be.  I'll go with what I've been drinking the most of lately.  Full flavored, lower ABV% beers. For that we'll start with Maine Beer Company and their love of all things hoppy. Next up we'll bring in de la Senne from Belgium who have become known for making some of the best sessionable strength beers in the world.  The resulting beer would be bursting with hop flavor and aroma but at 4.5% would be supremely crushable. Light bodied and and dry, but not too thin, qualities that De la Senne has mastered.  

Here we go

     With all government and state approvals in hand, it's time to brew.  Although it will still be a few more days before we brew on our 1bbl system we did not waste any time knocking out our first 10 gallon pilot batch.  I've been looking to brew something with one of the hot new hops so we decided on a low abv% pale ale hopped exclusively with El Dorado.  Tons of late addition hops were added to the boil and even more will be added for dry hopping.

     Half of this batch will remain as is, the other half will get an addition of coffee beans from Tandem Coffee Roasters from right here in Portland, ME.  I'm always looking to brew with coffee, my other favorite brewed beverage.  In the past I've done stouts and porters, and even a dark saison with coffee but after tasting Bunker Brewing's coffee IPA I began to think more about lighter colored styles of beer with coffee.  This test batch provided the perfect opportunity to add some of our favorite beans to a hoppy, dry beer.  I'm always amazed by the flavors and complexity of Tandem coffee and think those flavors will compliment the blast of hops this beer will feature.