Here we go

     With all government and state approvals in hand, it's time to brew.  Although it will still be a few more days before we brew on our 1bbl system we did not waste any time knocking out our first 10 gallon pilot batch.  I've been looking to brew something with one of the hot new hops so we decided on a low abv% pale ale hopped exclusively with El Dorado.  Tons of late addition hops were added to the boil and even more will be added for dry hopping.

     Half of this batch will remain as is, the other half will get an addition of coffee beans from Tandem Coffee Roasters from right here in Portland, ME.  I'm always looking to brew with coffee, my other favorite brewed beverage.  In the past I've done stouts and porters, and even a dark saison with coffee but after tasting Bunker Brewing's coffee IPA I began to think more about lighter colored styles of beer with coffee.  This test batch provided the perfect opportunity to add some of our favorite beans to a hoppy, dry beer.  I'm always amazed by the flavors and complexity of Tandem coffee and think those flavors will compliment the blast of hops this beer will feature.