Brett Camp

As a celebration of all things brettanomyces we will be holding our first event at the brewery on August 2.  We'll have 3 very different styles of beer that have all been fermented with brettanomyces as the only yeast strain.  Starting with the newest and working backwards we will be featuring the brett version of our "Crushable IPA".  Brettanomyces Claussenii gives this 3.8% beer an extra layer of flavor and complexity not typically found in such a low ABV% style.  Next up is a simple blond fermented with a strain of brett we purchased from East Coast Yeast.  We brewed this tiny test batch as soon we opened the brewery a few months ago and it's already developed a very nice funk.  The flavor profile is surprisingly complex for being such a simple beer, making it a great way to show the power of brett fermentation.  Lastly we will feature a beer that we actually brewed a year ago.  What started as a session strength black ipa has turned into a very nice crushable dark ale.  The hops have faded but in their place is a very prominent yet palatable brett funk.  Along with a very pleasant fruity funk, the underlying smooth roastiness still lingers enough to give the beer a very complex flavor profile.  

The word complexity keeps coming up in the descriptions of these beers and that's not by accident.  We love brettanomyces here at Austin Street and it's that complexity of flavor that keeps us exploring the true potential of this so called wild yeast.  Everybody knows about the classic barnyard and horse blanket flavors and aromas that come from extended aging of brett beers and we like those too, but choose to spend our time exploring the other capabilities of brett.  We hope that the beers we have for Brett Camp show the true depth of flavor that can be achieved with brettanomyces fermentation.  

In addition to the 3 beers on tap we will also be releasing a limited number of bottles of our beer called "Bier 2 Cellar".  We brewed this beer in collaboration with Greg at the Bier Cellar here in Portland, Maine for their 2nd anniversary.  The name has 2 meanings, one in honor of 2 years as the best bottle shop in Maine, but also a hint to the fact that this beer is a good candidate for aging.  We started with an American IPA loaded with Azacca hops, fermented it with our house ale yeast.  After fermentation was complete we bottled the beer with brettanmyces claussenii.  The result is a very fruit forward, light bodied IPA, this will develop a nice complementary fruity brett funk as time goes by.  We are releasing this beer in a fresh state(1 month in bottle), giving you, the drinker the power to choose when to open your bottle(s).  Drink now and enjoy a fresh, hop forward IPA, or pop it in your cellar and enjoy at a later date.  The oxygen scavenging capabilities of brett mean that hop flavor and aroma will last for a surprisingly long time.  In other test batches of beers like this one we have noticed plenty of hop presence 3 months later as the brett really starts to take hold making for a very enjoyable and you guessed it, complex beer.  

We'll be opening at noon with 48 bottles of Bier 2 Cellar, and are setting a limit at 2 per person.  750ml, $15  We'll have the 3 brett beers on tap for 4oz samples as well as Patina Pale for those people looking for a more traditional beer.  Hella Good Tacos will be joining as well for your food needs.  Hope to see you all there.