Weekend Update 5/26/17

Hi all, a lot to talk about so let's get to it.  First, we are OPEN on Monday May 28th(Memorial Day).  We'll have Patina Pale, Rally, and our new schwarzbier Succinct on tap for growlers and samples.  Regulars may have already noticed but we are also opening bottles for on-site consumption, you'll just need to bring a friend or two to share with.  This is our way of giving you the chance to drink some of our brett beers which we are very proud of, but understand that you may be hesitant to buy a 750ml bottle without trying it first.  We currently have Grist Mill and Lawn Mower for those selections.  Saison Hoppu coming soon.  Back to the subject of samples and growler fills.  We just installed a bigger keg cooler with faster pouring faucets.  This should speed things up a lot on our end and make for a better experience all around.  We will still need to limit growler fills to 2 per beer, per person.  And now to address the elephant in the room: CANS.  We're happy to say that our new canning line is currently en-route from the manufacturer and should be in the house very soon.  We are shooting to have cans of Patina Pale by late June, but stay tuned for updates as we get closer.  Thanks, and enjoy the weekend!